Why Am I Eating Healthy But Gaining Weight? 

I think that for some people the worst possible feeling you can get is failure. Especially if you put in a lot of effort to accomplish something. So when it comes to wanting to lose some weight it is very common for people to fail over and over again. Sometimes you even do everything that you can to start losing weight and you still see no results. That can really be discouraging and I understand because I too had this problem. When I first started trying to lose weight I was eating healthy but gaining weight for some reason. I was so surprised when I finally looked at that scale and saw that I had been gaining weight this whole time. I could have been eating doughnuts the whole time and gained the same amount of weight. Sometimes you can get misinformed about what is healthy for you and what will help you lose weight. Sometimes you do not really want to listen to somebody and you should always to the best research possible on a subject. Especially when it comes to losing weight. 

What are some of the reasons why you are eating healthy but gaining weight? Well there are a couple of red flags when I think about this problem. If you have gained weight after weeks of salads and smoothies then I would not really be too worried. Sometimes it just takes a little bit more time and you should really not be worried about this. If it has been about three months and you are still gaining weight daily. Then I would probably think that there is something wrong with your diet. Depending on what type of foods you are eating I would start to eliminate foods one by one and see what it is that is causing you to gain so much weight. I have always said that knowledge is power and knowledge is everything. 

Another thing that I have been thinking about is are you exercising? Of course a diet is awesome and if you are committing to something like this then kudos to you because that is awesome. Although a diet is not really the only part to losing weight. You will most likely have to start at least some type of exercise. Yeah, exercising is hard and I would rather not do it but would you rather gain weight or lose weight? Well you are going to have to stop being lazy and get off your booty and start working out. Even if it is just a very small workout routine. Anything is really better than nothing. If you are eating healthy but gaining weight well exercise might be your answer! 

You should probably think about all of these things the next time you are struggling with this. Ever since I started exercising and changed my diet. I have been losing weight non stop. Just stick to it and I promise you that giving up is not something that you want to do. If losing weight is your goal then I just gave you the keys to the Lamborghini. 

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